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  • Opt-in confirmation for admin emails

    I'm not wuite sure if this is the right place to ask but I couldn't think of any other subforum. Anyway, I've just recently switched hosts and sent out a mass email informing my members that the forum is back up and running again - an hour later, I receive an email from my new host, letting me know I've violated their anti-spam rules.

    Their supporter told me to use an opt-in confirmation system in order to send out such emails legally. I'm gonna c&p the newest email with my own questions and the supporter's answers:

    Originally posted by me
    After registering, my members receive an email to confirm their sign up. Isn't this considered an electronic opt-in confirmation system?
    In this email, are they required to click on a confirmation link before
    their name is added to the list? If so, that would be considered a form
    of opt-in confirmation. However, we also require that each confirmation
    is logged with the date/time and IP address associated with that
    confirmation, and that such information is accessible by DreamHost

    Originally posted by me
    I can also include a link they can visit in
    each email I send out, a link which brings them to their profile where
    they can uncheck the box for receiving admin mails. But I'm not sure if
    that's what you mean. :-/
    That is known as an "opt-out" mechanism. While also important - and a
    requirement of our anti-spam policy - it is not the same as opt-in
    confirmation. Opt-in confirmation isn't a way to remove one's self from a
    list, but rather a way for people to avoid being added to a list if they
    didn't want to be on it in the first place.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    Is there any way to send out mass emails in the future without violating my host's rules? I've searched the vBulletin Manual but didn't find anything there.

    I'd be grateful for any help!

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    vBulletin is opt-in, in that they register, and during the registration, every user can choose if they want to receive admin emails or not.
    All you might want to do is change the default to not receive admin emails in your
    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> User Registration Options -> Default Registration Options

    In my eyes that wouldn't even be needed though.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

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      That's what I thought too and asked in an earlier mail:

      Originally posted by me
      When they're signing up for the messageboard, there's this box they need to check if the wanna receive emails from the administrator. As a
      default, they won't receive any, only if they check said box. So IMO,
      they're signing up for it. They can also uncheck the box anytime through
      their UserCP on the board.
      While this may be the case, our anti-spam policy has very specific
      requirements for bulk email:

      The most important aspect of this policy is the requirement that all bulk
      email be only sent to subscribers who have subscribed using an electronic
      opt-in confirmation system (wherein after subscribing they are sent an
      email with a link they must click on or follow before receiving any
      further emails), and that those confirmations are logged with the
      date/time and IP address associated with the confirmation. The policy
      also has other requirements such as a clear statement to subscribers of
      how the addresses will be used, a user-friendly unsubscribe system, etc.

      If you are not using opt-in confirmation with full logging, we will need
      you to cease such mailings as soon as possible.

      If you have any questions about this policy or would like clarification
      on the matter, please do not hesitate to let us know.
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        If you're verifying email addresses on registration then you've got the confirmation part, the only thing that isn't done is logging of the date/time/IP.
        Best Regards
        Colin Frei

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          Thanks for confirming it. I think i'll need to change hosts again then - or start looking for a hack over at vBulletin.Org... stupid spam rules.


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