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    I'm using the following code to change banners for different forums:

    <!-- logo -->
    <a name="top"></a>
    <table border="0" width="$stylevar[outertablewidth]" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center">
    <td class="thead" colspan="2">
    <a style="float:$stylevar[right]" href="#top" onclick="return toggle_collapse('banner')"><img id="collapseimg_banner" src="$stylevar[imgdir_button]/collapse_thead$vbcollapse[collapseimg_banner].gif" alt="Hide/show banner" border="0" /></a> </td>
    <tbody id="collapseobj_banner" style="$vbcollapse[collapseobj_banner]"> <tr>
    <td align="$stylevar[left]"> <if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 10"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 9"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 6"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 8"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 4"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 7"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == 12"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == fantasy_cricket"><img src="" border="0" /><else /><if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == cricketnews"> <img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /> <else /><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php?$session[sessionurl]"><img src="$stylevar[titleimage]" border="0" alt="$vboptions[bbtitle]" /></a></if></if></if></if></if></if></if></if></if>
    <!-- /logo -->

    One of my members, who uses the same browser I do (IE6.0.29) can't see any banners when this conditional is used: <if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == x">, however, he can see the banners when this conditional is used: ><if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == cricketnews">. I can see the banners for both conditional types using the same browser. He has cleared his cookies. Even viewing the forum as a guest he can't see any banners that use this conditional: <if condition="$foruminfo['forumid'] == x">.

    What could be the cause of his problem?

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    It works fine for me...

    Ask him to reload the page with Ctrl + F5, or to try using a different browser.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

    Please don't contact me per PM.


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      Thanks Colin, when he's online again tomorrow I'll ask him to do a Ctrl + F5. I checked the forum with Firefox and all banners appear correctly.


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