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  • WOL anomaly

    This is slightly different from the other WOL problems that I can find on here.

    On the WOL I get "Unknown Location". Now from what I can gather, this usually occurs when either a guest/virus is port scanning, looking for vulnerabilities, or when the forum has a hack or plugin installed that isn't part of vBulletin.

    Now in the latter case, the caption would show up as "Unknown Location", but the real location would still be revealed.

    We don't get that, all our "[b]Unknown Location[b/]s", the real locations are pointing to what are essentially, valid URL's. Things like thread links and the like.

    For example :

    The top one is actually me, the bottom one someone else. I know all I was doing was viewing the WOL list, nothing to do with statusicons (although that URL it gives is valid, its where the statusicons for our current theme is installed).

    Anyway, apart from linking to gif's, we had one before where it said "Unknown Location", and then /showthread.php%3Ft%3D7524 , but the acutal clickable link pointed to showthread.php with a proper thread ID?
    Kind Regards
    The Talk Photography Forums Staff Team

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    Do you have any code modifications or plugins? If this bothers you, you'll have to remove them first.
    To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it though.

    showthread.php%3Ft%3D7524 is simply a different way of showing the URL.
    %3F translates to ? and %3D translates to =, so it looks normal in the end again.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

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      We have recently installed vbGlossary, but if I am being honest, I noticed this on a fresh install, with database backup.

      Now, the database, is from an previous install of vBulletin, which was running vbadvanced. I have a sneaky feeling it may be from that perhaps? We didn't uninstall vbadvanced, we simply took the database and installed it on a fresh version of vbulletin, disabling or deleting any plugins that appeared in the admincp. Unfortunately this was the only option we had available to us at the time.

      Maybe vba left something behind in the database?
      From what I can see, there arent any vba tables left, and I know there are no template modifications (none that would affect this anyway)..., as we're running on a completely new style now.

      ......Aha! Just noticed vbSEO Sitemap Generator is installed (and from what I can see...half installed)....I've just uninstalled the product, and we'll see how that goes...
      Kind Regards
      The Talk Photography Forums Staff Team


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