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    If you are just installing the vbulletin software from scratch, and NOT DOING any kind of import, there is no notice to do anything with the IMPEX file, so unless you know about it beforehand, how else would someone know to do anything with it? Down in the appendixes of a function never used for a scratch installation, is not something that should be expected to be looked into if you are doing no imports. Maybe you should keep that in mind for future users that may not know about the possible things that need to be deleted like that, how about: Here's a list of ALL the files that need to be deleted, now that your installation is complete. Or better yet, just don't include them if someone isnt needing to do any imports!

    This was used to take down all of my commercial sites on my host as well as my forums, costing me a lot of money in lost sales for only the 5 hours I didn't know my sites were down.


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    As posted in the other thread it's not unreasonable for people to read the instructions.
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