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A different upgrade method

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  • A different upgrade method

    I've got a couple of hacks on my VB board and just wanted to see if this upgrade method would be 'safe'. It's somewhat a mix of what others have suggested and the aim is simplicity, especially if something goes wrong during the upgrade.

    Let's say my forum is currently installed in the \forum folder with database name 'db_forum'.

    1. Close the board up.
    2. Rename the \forum to \forum_backup
    3. Make a copy of the existing database and call it db_forum_back.

    -> Steps 2&3 above are basically just creating a backup of the files and database

    4. Create a new folder called \forum
    5. Upload the contents of the vB3.5.4 ZIP that you downloaded to the \forum folder
    6. Edit the new vB config file to point to db_forum
    7. Run the vB3.5.4 upgrade script
    8. Re-apply / upgrade any hacks that you have* (this includes file edits and running a script)

    *Note, some hacks might need to be upgraded before you upgrade to VB3.5.4 so check in their support forum.

    If things go wrong and you need to revert back:
    A. Delete the folder \forum
    B. Rename \forum_backup to \forum
    C. Empty the contents of the database db_forum
    D. Copy the contents of db_forum_backup to db_forum

    You are back to where you started

    Any problems with this?

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    That looks more or less ok.

    You can actually skip C and D and simply edit the config.php file to point to db_forum_back.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

    Please don't contact me per PM.


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