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3.0.6 -> 3.5.4 - UserIDs and thread URLs

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  • 3.0.6 -> 3.5.4 - UserIDs and thread URLs


    I'm planning on upgrading to VB3.5.4 and was wondering if:

    1. the userIDs change (ie will a link I had to a certain members profile will still work after the upgrade)
    2. Will URLs to threads be the same (I have links to various threads in the stickies and I'm wondering if they will still work).
    3. I have a few hacks installed on my existing board and I've read that VB3.5.4 lets you apply some hacks without affecting the your right to support. I have a few basic hacks and was wondering how I can tell if they will affect my right for support once I upgrade.
    4. Is VB3.5.4 more server intensive / bandwidth hungry than VB3.0.6 ?

    If the answer is NO to the 1&2 above, is there a fixed number that say the UserID's/thread numbers are offset by after the ugprade?

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    Assuming you upgrade and don't do an import:

    1. The useerids don't change.

    2. The thread and postids don't change.

    3. You will lose your hacks. You need to check over at to see if those hacks have been upgraded for 3.5.4.

    4. There have been reposts that 3.5.x is somewhat more server intensive but it really depends on the server.
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      Originally posted by Steve Machol
      3. You will lose your hacks. You need to check over at to see if those hacks have been upgraded for 3.5.4.
      If the hacks have been upgraded for 3.5.4 then will I be apply them and still get support? (Based on the comment I read that 3.5.4 lets you have hacks without loosing the ability to get support).

      I'm still a bit unclear on how to tell if a hack will void your support or not.



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        No, any modifications void support, be they plugins or file mods, however plugins are easier as you can disable them.


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