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    Ok, i want to move the user links thing to the top under the top logo/banner with a transparent back ground . then move the forum statics to under that then but have them formatted to the left side, then have the root folders thing under that without any out lines so it is just text then have the forums, then have private messages at the bottom. is there a template i can download for this or can you help me do it manually?

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    That is all possible with template modifications. You will likely need to edit the header, navbar, and FORUMHOME templates. It would take a long time for me to come up with detailed instructions.


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      Can anyone expand on this? i dont know what code to move etc.


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          As Jake said this will require a LOT of work. You will probably have to pay for someone to help you with that level of customization. I suggest you try looking for help at the Service Requests at
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            ive joined and posted there. i havent gotten any help at all and its been 3 days. can some people just posts parts piece by piece? like how to move the forum statics first then the other in a day or 2 so i can get started?


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              As Jake & Steve has already said, what you're asking would require huge templates editing. It would be better either you look for someone who had done similar editing to his/her forum & ask if they can help you out, or simply hire a good designer to get you all the work done.

              DirectPixel & TheMusicMan are two members on this forum you may want to contact for a paid service of modifying your forum. There are many designers of course, but I mentioned those whom I'm aware of their works quality.
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                I spoke to music man before but i cant afford to pay someone and i'd like to do it all myself (with proper guidence) do i can do this for future styles etc. i know it requires HUGE forum editing but cant it just be posted in small parts?


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                  Umm.. then you better search over at if there are seperate template mods of all your needs & apply every each to your forum.
                  You're spending millions of dollars on a website?!


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                    Ive joined there, I've tried searching but i cant seem to find results and i start a thread about it and it just gets ignored.


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                      Originally posted by Front-Door
                      Ok, i want to move the user links thing to the top under the top logo/banner
                      I hope you can find the various templates. This bit requires modification of the navbar template which is one of the Navigation/Breadcrumbs Templates.

                      The navbar template contains three parts:
                      Part 1: <!-- breadcrumb, login, pm info -->
                      Part 2: <!-- nav buttons bar -->
                      Part 3: <!-- NAVBAR POPUP MENUS -->

                      The part you need to move is Part 1. It will go below Part 3. That places the "user links" (Part 2 & 3) above the table which includes the login.

                      So move all the code (including these comment lines) from:
                      <!-- breadcrumb, login, pm info -->


                      <!-- / breadcrumb, login, pm info -->

                      That is an entire table you're moving. Now go to the bottom of the template and find:

                      <!-- / NAVBAR POPUP MENUS -->

                      Place your code:
                      <!-- / NAVBAR POPUP MENUS -->

                      The above step creates a small problem because you'll be left with a gap between the "user links" table and the "login" table.

                      There are two line breaks - <br /> - that must also be moved. Find:

                      <!-- / nav buttons bar -->

                      <br />
                      <br />

                      <if condition="$show['popups']">
                      <!-- NAVBAR POPUP MENUS -->

                      Move the two <br /> I highlighted red. Place them after the last </if> at the bottom of the template. That should do it.