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    Ok lets set the record straight. When members upload picture to vbulletin 3.5.4. The pictures (do?) or (do not?) get compressed. As far as I can see, GZIP does a page compression. Some of my members are not up to speed with all the tec stuff. They are uploading pictures that are very very big. I have file sizes set and kb set. But if Vbulletin had a picture compression code built in, it would save alot of server space and band w.
    Some servers charge extra for over transfer of data per month. That can lead to alot of $$$$$$$..question# 1. Does the vbulletin compress picture.
    2. If not then why??? 3. Can this be something to build in in the futher. 4. What can I do in the mean time???. Last but not least, what are the standard setting for Bytes/kilobytes in the Extenision & sizes folder in admin CP for file types.jpg/jpeg/bmp ect. What does vb recommend???

    Thanks in advance Jose
    Jose Duddy (Owner)

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    We dont compress pictures since all compressions results in quality loss, how do you decide what is an acceptable amount of quality loss? A lot of photo forums use vBulletin and I doubt they'd be happy about losing quality.

    If users are uploading a particular type of image too often then remove it from the attachment manager or decrease the size.

    We can't really recommend sizes it depends on what they are uploading, screenshots, photography, 3D renders etc
    Scott MacVicar

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      Unless it's a BMP or TIF file, every image that you upload is compressed with a loss of quality. The benefit of JPG is that the loss of quality cannot easily be perceived. A 5MB BMP file can be compressed to a 250kb JPEG and most people can't tell the difference.

      What I am gathering is that you'd like it so if one of your users uploads a massive 1 meg JPEG that's 2000 x 1000 pixels, that vBulletin will scale the picture down to a more reasonable 800 x 600 200kb file. Right now, vBulletin DOES make compressed, resized thumbnails for images that you upload. But it does not create this intermediate "forum-friendly" size that you and many other people have asked for. All photo gallery software out there will save several different sizes of the images that users upload. A thumbnail, a medium size, a large size, and the original size. I thought I heard that vBulletin 3.6 will include more image resizing options.

      P.S. GZIP is like sending a webpage to the user's browser as a ZIP file and has nothing to do with images. ZIP and GZIP are great at compressing text files (a web page) but accomplish nothing when trying to compress a JPEG image.


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