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need help! Members login error!

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  • need help! Members login error!

    Hello there,

    Alot of my members are complaining about the trouble with VB since all the usernames are only can use once they just registered. The next time login they get the error like: the password is wrong! and they can not login with the username and passoword they created.

    For me and few members there's no problem. But for most of my members, they are from vietnam, where most people access to internet via few IPs which mean a lot of my members have the same IP while accessing my site.

    Could that be the problem?

    Plus, I talked to one of them, who got trouble with loggin in and getting the wrong passoword error. I tried to use his username and password, it worked fine, no problem for me!!!.

    how could this happen? I think there's something about the people logging in with the same IP??

    So how could i fix this?

    This is my page:

    Thank you
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    I don't see how the IP address can be related. Do they have the problem on the default style / language? Do you have any file hacks installed? Maybe they are simply typing in the wrong password?

    Otherwise it is hard to troubleshoot a problem that you yourself can't reproduce.


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      The problem is, a lot of themm are getting that error. so i dont think all of them are typing in the wrong password!?

      i have a few hack mods, and dont know if it effect me:
      -any media

      Has anybody experence similar sitiuation?

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      Search for "lauxanh" in Google and see if what comes up pleased you


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        I have never seen this problem reported. I would ask you to submit a trouble ticket, but we need to be able to reproduce the problem first.


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          I also have this error. I just bought VBB yesterday but I saw another forum had this kind of error also (i am a member of that forum: ). The users which couldn't login using a same ISP with dynamic IP(many user can have the same IP). I wonder if this was the caused?




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            The IP doesn't matter. The default software tracks sessions regardless... many people on the same network with the same IP can be logged in from different computers.


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              i have the same problem members are complaining about not being able to login and i changed their password to something simple like 12345 and they styll cant login it says incorrect password

              the only thing i can think of is i havent uploaded the whole vbulletin-language.xml file because my host wont allow me to upload files that big, so I tried making the file smaller by deleting like half of the stuff in the vbulletin-language.xml file and then i uploaded and it worked but its not the whole file, could this be the problem ?
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                There isn't much that can go wrong. If you reset their password and it still doesn't work, then make sure you are both typing in the same password. Also check the username.

                If you continue to have the problem then try eliminating any hacks or plugins. Also try the default style.


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