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Correct syntax for registration form field value?

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  • Correct syntax for registration form field value?

    When it comes to accessing variables and such, I never know which site to ask for sure. I apologize if this should be at .org. But it does ask about basic variable references, so I think it is correct to be here.

    I'd like to take a field (field14) from the registration form and in addition to the original field, put it into custom field (field21) when the user is created. This allows someone to enter a value one time and have it entered two places. Basically, I want them to be able to change the first instance in their profile, but not the second instance.

    Anyway...that's part of my cusomization and I'm not asking how to do that. What I'm curious about is how to refer to the variable that came back from the form so that I can use it. My hook location in register.php will be register_addmember_process.

    I tried this and several other permutations

    $userdata->set('field21', $vbulletin->GPC['field14']); 

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    I don't know without examining the code and doing some tests. This is more of a question since it involves custom code.


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      Thanks Jake.... Again...I think its sometimes a fine line between what should be documented in vbulletin docs (aka how do you get access to items) and what is a hook/mod. I figured since I was just trying to get the correct syntax to one of your variables via a hook in register.php that syntax would be covered here.

      I appreciate the responsiveness of the developers in the forums here.


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