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April Fools Day

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  • April Fools Day

    ok I've been wanting to do something to my members on April Fools day, and wondering what I should do. I was thinking, of maybe changing all the usertitles or something? Or maybe resetting everyones posts?

    The only thing is, I don't want this to be a pain in the ass, so how can I do something to them that they will know but very easy to change back? Maybe do something like, go to edit there postbit and all and where it says there posts, edit it and make it be like negative there post count? How would I do this?

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    I was thinking of switching the language from Left-to-Right to Right-to-Left.

    Like you I'm trying to think of something that won't take much/any time to implement and won't be a pain for users.


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      I've got it! I'm going to change the navbar links around. Like when they click User cp they logout or something, lol. Won't be to hard either. Just have to change the links, save the old copy of the navbar and when the 1st is over change er back. I know last year at WHT ( they changed the names of admins, changed everyones post count to something like 0 or 10 then changed the name of the forums. Still people could post and communicate but it drove people insane haha


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        Cant you just do another style and change everything within the style? Thats what I am thinking about doing


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          Something we're going to do on our boards. We're gonna make good use of smilies. We're going to set every common word we can think of (the, and, I, me, what, how, etc) and assign a different smilie to it.


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            Originally posted by BassX
            I was thinking of switching the language from Left-to-Right to Right-to-Left.

            Like you I'm trying to think of something that won't take much/any time to implement and won't be a pain for users.
            Yup, thats my plan this year.


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              Here is what I did...

              Posted in announcements...

              UR is running a trial of new 3D imaging technology. The "classic" skin has been updated using the latest NoromĀ® 3D rendering software to bring your favourite gore forum to life in full 3D!!!

              Once you have selected the classic skin you may need to adjust your monitor settings to get the full real life 3D effect (not all displays are the same). It took a while for me to get it to show correctly but it is well worth persevering to get it right. While adjusting your contrast and brightness etc. you may find it easier to get the setting right by viewing it through a mirror (the larger the better) as this helps the photonic flux produced by the software to concentrate the 3d image directly to your retina. Altering the distance you are viewing from can be helpful also. Hope you enjoy this new feature and we will continue to bring you the latest technologies as soon as we can in future. Remember this is still in beta testing.


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                So then on our IRC channel

                <Legne> where am i supposed to stare? for the 3d thing
                <Legne> =(
                <Legne> at the logo or wut?
                <ppm> the pictures
                <Legne> I have no pictures =( wut u talking bout willis?
                <LegionXIII> lol
                <ppm> the pictures in the image section will look 3 d
                <ppm> just stare at them for a few minutes they will suddenly become 3d
                <LegionXIII> umm
                <LegionXIII> ha
                <Legne> i fail at this ffs
                <LegionXIII> epically
                <Legne> shut up
                <ppm> it is like them sterogram things from the 90s you just stare at it not focussing on it. Did you try looking at the monitor through a mirror?
                <Legne> i don't have a mirror big enough =(
                <Legne> wtf am I supposed to be looking at lol. pictures in the image section?
                <ppm> any mirror will do really
                <Legne> D:
                <ppm> yeah
                <LegionXIII> ... awwww
                <I_am_Vengeance> ITS NOT WORKING
                <Legne> lol
                <Legne> see??
                <ppm> try petting a blanket over your head and block all outide light out
                <ppm> outside
                <Legne> i think i got it
                <Legne> idk
                <Legne> the square shapes of the image kinda popped out from the background
                <Legne> I THOUGHT I WOULD SEE 3D CORPSES FFS :<
                <Legne> but I still like the skin :tu:
                <ppm> yeak you are getting close keep staring
                <TraumaHound> New forum skin?
                <Legne> i give up =(
                <ppm> It is an old skin but we added new 3d stuff to it
                <****IRC> Outta here.
                * ****IRC is now known as ****IRC|Asleep
                <TraumaHound> I don't see it. :L
                <ppm> just keep trying. If you put a blanket over your head and monitor to block all other light it should work better.
                <TraumaHound> Tried that the first time.
                <Legne> well
                <Legne> with a blanket and a mirror, the picture started looking like one of them magic eye thingies, but it got too warm for me to sit and stare at it =(
                <ppm> hang on i I need to go to the toilet before i piss myself

                <Legne> Oh ppm
                <Legne> I'm on to you
                <Legne> ****ing aprils fools innit?!
                <I_am_Vengeance> aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaahhahahah
                <Legne> making people stare at their monitors for hours
                <I_am_Vengeance> of course.....
                <Legne> you bastard
                <Legne> =(
                <I_am_Vengeance> ahhahahaha
                <Legne> I hate this day =(
                <TraumaHound> Oh Jesus
                <ppm> lol

                <TraumaHound> Mom seen me with the blanket and asked wtf I was doing. >:|
                <Legne> rofl!!!
                <LegionXIII> haha!
                <Legne> tell her that the pigman told you to do it
                <TraumaHound> "****'s 3D Mom!"
                <TraumaHound> Ugh
                * ppm sniggers

                <Legne> i was ****ing sitting with a blanket over my head and with a mirror
                <Legne> you ****er


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