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Adsence--- blank spot

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  • Adsence--- blank spot

    hey guys. ia m really sorry if i am re-asking this question though i couldnt find the answer.

    i followed this TOPIC and this exact POST and added my adsence code into my vb forum, so what happend is that the spot for the ad shows all blank and white but no ads being displayed and I wasnt sure how to go about this...

    bets regards in advance.

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    Try refreshing your browser by holding down the shift button and clicking refresh -- that should clear you out.

    Sometimes, if Google can't place any ads on a site, they will fill in the spot the ads should be placed with white space until they can find a contextual match.


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      thanks...right before i was about doing that, it came up it self, it is a the size of the 480 banner.

      how to would I find the size of the actualy forum(i am using cobalt skin the fixed virson) so the ad would go from one side of the forum to another.. basicaly the same width as the forum it self. thanks


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        got that working as well. best regards _


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