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Can someone walk me through step by step?

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  • Can someone walk me through step by step?


    I have made the leep to transfer hosts duel to lack of help and support by my current one but lets not get into that. I would appreciate it if someone could walk me step by step on how to backup everything I will need to transfer hosts later tonight I'm currently waiting for the email back from them I already placed the order.

    Both hosts are using Cpanel X (My current & the one im transfering to)

    So far I have closed the forums and downloaded all the vB files via FTP to a folder I named backup on my computer. That is right to do right?

    Next I need help how to make a backup through phpMyAdmin and steps on how to re-upload it when the new host is availiable to transfer to.

    Thanks and if you can post anything that I may be forgeting to do that would be great .

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    If your hosts supports SSH you can do

    If not you can do it through phpmyadmin


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      Thank you harmor. Also one quick question. It is right to download ALL the files in my forums and re-upload all of those when I switch to the new host right? All I will have to edit is the config file correct? Or is this totally wrong. I've never done a host to host transfer before so I could use any help or tips.


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        I just also have another question I am in the phpmyadmin and on the step that says
        In the second area, called SQL Options, make sure you have the follwing boxes checked:

        Add 'drop table'
        Add AUTO_INCREMENT value
        Enclose table and field names with backquotes
        It doesnt specify if I should check all the data fields seeing there are
        Complete inserts
        Extended inserts
        Use delayed inserts
        Use ignore inserts
        Use hexadecimal for binary fields


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          moving all your files is the right thing to do but I think there's something you have to do with config.php


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            The built-in backup feature in vBulletin as well as the MySQLAdmin backup command may not provide you with a complete backup. Most servers are set to stop executing scripts after 5 minutes (300 seconds).

            You can try making a backup with MySQLAdmin and check with a text editor like UltraEdit or WordPad (included in Windows) to see that the last couple of lines of your backup file are:

             UNLOCK TABLES;
             /*!40000 ALTER TABLE word ENABLE KEYS */;
            You may actually be able to do a full site backup (including databases) right from within cPanel. I'd look for a site backup button/feature.

            If you want a bulletproof backup of your MySQL database and you did not get a complete backup with the other methods mentioned, check out MySQLDumper.