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How do I add pages in vbulletin 3.5.3

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  • How do I add pages in vbulletin 3.5.3

    I will be appreciated if somebody can help me how I can add additional pages in vbulletin 3.5.3 and in which format??
    Thank you.

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    What kind of pages do you want to add?
    Unless they're plain text pages you'll require code modification, in which case you should ask for help on
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    Colin Frei

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      I want to add some html pages in front of some forum


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        You can always create an index.html and do whatever you want with it and then point a link to the forum.

        Are you wanting some sort of "portal" page that includes info from your forum and lets you post news, polls, etc. on the front page? Are you wanting a "Login" box on the front of your website that links into the forum? If so, look at which is a free add-on for vBulletin customers.

        If you want to create new pages that have the look-and-feel of your forum and share the banner, navigation, etc. then over at there is a tutorial on how to create your own vBulletin-powered page.


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          Sweet, I was looking for similar info

          ...only from a noob!!