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My Very First Spammer!

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  • My Very First Spammer!

    Yesterday was groundbreaking stuff. My very first spammer joined the board. He started 4 threads in 4 different forums with the same cut/paste paypal scam. Someone hit report bad post, so I got notified pretty quickly and came over and banned him as he was creating his 5th thread.

    I edited out all the scam text, and now I'm regretting not having saved it. Because if I want to report this fool to his/her ISP, I have no proof other than 4 threads with 4 scam titles.

    Is there any way I can get the original text back, in case I want to report to the ISP?

    Also, this was my first IP ban on the board so there is only one # in there. When I add additional numbers, do I separate them with commas, or put a carriage return and do them line by line (or does it not matter?):




    (those are random numbers)

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    No, if you edited the posts, there's no way to revert that.
    I recommend you soft-delete such posts/threads next time, as it makes it easier to reconstruct.

    Use a space or a line break to seperate IPs
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    Colin Frei

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      Okay, thanks Colin, that's what I figured. Good idea with the soft delete, that will work much better in the future.
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        Do what I do.

        Have your host run a script script via a cron job every 30 minutes to back up your database to a folder behind public_html.

        It's handy recover stuff


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          If you didn't delete the email you got when the post was reported, you still have the text
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