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Google Cache w/ users online!

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  • Google Cache w/ users online!


    My question is this using my example above, now when google adds my forum to its index it does not include the actual users online at the time, how do i correct this?



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    So wait...

    What is the main goal, to have google cache the Who's Online page?

    Or what are you on about?
    It may just be me, but im very confused as to what it is that you want.


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      I would like googles cache to show the users online.


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        From when?

        Google Cache shows a snapshot of your website at a certain time/date.


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          Is your goal to be able to Google a member name and have your site returned when they are online?

          I think you need to know, when google searches, its not searching live, its searching from records, so there is no way for it to know exactly who is online at that moment unless you pay google.

          But to have them scan that page exactly add the META tag to the template for that page.

          <META-HTTPD-GOOGLE-CRAWL act=scanthispage domain=self priority=2>

          Priority, Priority being 1 highest, 2 normal, 3 low.


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            I am pretty certain ive said clearly what i want... but i shall rephrase because im slightly concerned your just spamming to increase your post count.

            NOW, my example link, to which is the forum i own, when google indexes the page, every content is viewable except for the users online, i want it that when google stores the page and is viewed from its cache, it also shows the users online, how would i do that.



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              For ONE I dont give a damn about my post count, I was posting to try and help you.

              TWO, if you would just look in the header of your Who's Online page you figure out why it WONT chache.

              Since your being such a snide arse, no, I wont help specifically past that, if you cant find it, then post again.



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                That would be pretty silly to show who was online at some earlier date instead of current information.


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                  Exactly what I was thinking, but in reguards to my META tag, that would call attention to the crawler, except he is right, thats pointless as the information is not live.


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                    Yeah I know the tag too. Wish he'd chill.


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