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Give super moderators limited admin cp access

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  • Give super moderators limited admin cp access

    I would like to be able to give some of my super moderators access to some plugins I have installed on my forum.

    1 especially my awards plugin.

    As supermoderators their modcp does not show awards settings. Only the basics.

    To give them access to this I have to make them Admins, or give them admin cp access, this I do not want to do as they are not experienced enough.

    Anything built into vb or is there a possible hack available?

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    You won't help to get something like this to work here, especially if you're involving non-vBulletin plugins/hacks.

    Ask your question at since it requires custom coding.
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      K, thanks muchly.

      Thought there might be something built in vb to give admincp permissions somewhere, not so much a question about the hack itself.


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        No, you'd have to give these moderators access to the AdminCP, and use Administrator Permissions to limit them there, but these aren't extendable on every feature yet.
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        Colin Frei

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          Thank you ColinF that is what I wanted to know.

          I have been into Admin permissions but as you say they are pretty limited.

          Basically what I want to do is enable my super mods to certain parts of the admincp. what I don't want them to be able to do is to change their own usergroup.

          I have certain admins that are accessible to a private forum that is admin only permission. But if I give my supermods the access to the admin cp so they can give awards, they also have access to change users usergroups, meaning they can change their own usergroup, something I do not wish them to be able to do.

          But if I don't allow this then they cannot ban or monitor other members.. a catch 22 situation.


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            They can ban and monitor (without editing the profile) from the ModCP.

            You could set those users to be uneditable (also by themselves), by adding their userids in the config.php file.
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            Colin Frei

            Please don't contact me per PM.


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              Basically there is a flaw in the admincp permissions. If you give anyone admincp access, and allow them permission to users, they can alter their own permissions to whatever they want, no matter what you set for them.

              If you don't give them users permissions then they cannot control any users on your forum, that is banning, searching etc.

              You need to really know the people you give admincp access to and what permissions you give them.


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                ooops we posted at the same time lol.

                So I can give them access to certain things in the admincp, and what they cannot access there they can access through the modcp.

                ummm will have to experiment tomorrow with what they can and can't see with my pseudo sign in name.

                All very complicated though and time consuming. Maybe something for the next vb upgrade release??


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