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    I have enabled RSS and was hoping to see little RSS icons around.
    I know the RSS pages are there at external.php?type=rss and external.php?type=rss2, but where are the links to them ?
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    They are in the source code of the page using a link tag
    Firefox, Opera, Safari, ... are showing the icon automatically in the navbar. Ofcourse ... IE doesn't

    You can place an RSS icon for the general feed in the footer of the page. It's very easy. Here ( you can find a tutorial about it.

    You can place an RSS icon on each forum for the feed of that forum. It's also very easy and here ( you can find a tutorial about it. - Belgian/Dutch computer and technology site
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      Thanks for the info.

      If 90% of browsers do not show that the forums indeed are RSS and even if the future IE incorporates that, people are used to the RSS icons being displayed, so i think vB should do do that as standard.
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        i agree


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          I get an RSS feed button in IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.

          You can add your own links to make users discovery easier.


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            if u get it in IE, has to be something u installed. IE does not support RSS unless u r using 7.

            Besides, there should be an icon for each cat and each forum and one for the whole forum. The linked one in the code just uses the whole forum. ppl might not want that.


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              Yes, I am using IE7 which has builtin support

              Besides if you want to add some RSS code like I've done to several of my forums just add it.

              <a href="$vboptions[bburl]/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=$forum[forumid]"> RSS Feed </a>


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                Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                <a href="$vboptions[bburl]/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=$forum[forumid]"> RSS Feed </a>
                In what location would you put this code?


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                  That would probally be used in the forumhome_forumbit_level1/2_post/nopost template(s)