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  • Style Backup/Restore - Template History

    I've recently tried downloading my live boards style to my development boards via the Download / Upload mechanism of vBulletin and run into some issues.

    The first one was I couldnt find a way to download the style with all products selected. Do I really need to download it 18 times to get all the template changes my addon products have made to my style? That seems like a tedious process that an "All Products" choice would solve in future versions of vBulletin.

    I've also noticed that my template histories are being lost even on vBulletin stock templates that I have modified slightly. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a history if it goes away when you restore from backup. Any suggestions on how I can preserve those?

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    'Products'? A style does not include products. It includes all the template changes and the style settings. Pleasse explain exactly what you are doing, and what is not working the way you want it to.
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      Downloading a style should download all custom templates, even if they are templates that aren't part of the default software.

      Template histories are not preserved for downloaded styles. I just tested this.


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        I don't know if this helps you, but I compare the stock version of vBulletin at two different states (for instance vB3.0.7 and vB3.5.4) and see what they changed and then make the same changes in my templates. I created a comparison tool for this. Some day I'll integrate comparison code to highlight the changes (The variables are readibly accessible if someone wants to implement that last part).


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          Ok I did some further investigation and can explain this easier now. I also determined the cause of the problem and am working out a solution.

          The issue Im having is making a copy of my style and preserving every single template change. When I downloaded my style using the Download / Upload Style section and the settings in the attached download.gif, all templates were copied but only templates that are assigned to the vbulletin product group retained my modifications. Templates assigned to other product groups I have installed reverted to their stock settings. My impression is the product dropdown controls this behavior. The end result Im looking for is just getting all my template changes regardless of what product group they are assigned to without having to download with the product dropdown on each of the 18 different products I have installed.

          My styles are set up as follows:

          Default Style
          --Vanguard Spheres
          ----Vanguard Spheres Dev Tracker

          I am downloading the Vanguard Spheres style using the get customizations in this style and all parents. I am then uploading the file I just downloaded as a new style with the settings in upload.gif which gets me the following style setup.

          Default Style
          --Vanguard Spheres
          ----Vanguard Spheres Dev Tracker

          As you can see from vstemplates.gif example I have modified four templates in the Vanguard Spheres style. When it gets imported into the Experimental style you can see in extemplates.gif that only one retained the modifications. This is because the adv_portal_module_shell is incorrectly assigned to the vbulletin product group but Im kind of glad it is because it allowed me to figure out what was causing the trouble. Now I know whats coming next, you guys dont support hacks and to be honest Im not asking you to. You have however built a system you fully expect to be hacked or otherwise there would be no reason to have a product system. What Im asking to be considered is an option in the product dropdown that will allow us to choose all products at once so we can just download our entire modified style once instead of lots of little chunks.

          If Im still not making sense let me know and I'll try again.
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            That's really bad that there isn't a "Backup All" choice under that Product popup.

            Think if you have 20 products installed and 10 styles. That's 200 times going through the process of picking a style, a product, and downloading.


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