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New hosting...Question moving vBulletin

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    Ok you lost me at this part:
    "ftp ipaddress of your new website"

    I've attached what i've done so far but i really don't think it's right. like i said, i'm completely knew to this type of command and don't quite follow you.
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      You do not run mysqldump in the mysql console, you run it in the shell.


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        This may sound silly - but have you checked with your new host? Sometimes they will assist you in moving the site to their servers.
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          well you can do it use BigDump it can upload uptoo 80 MB of SQL.. i have test it and it work great.. Google BigDump and it's 2 step it will work.
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            If you have the mysql backup then just login to the new server's control panel and use SSH or phpmyadmin to enter the contents of the file into the new database.

            I would recommend you create a new database on the new server with the same name as the DB on you old server.

            Once you've uploaded the contents of the sql dump that you had from your old server into the new database you should just be able to copy all of your files to the new server.

            Just as an example:

            OldForum uses DB vb3

            Create database vb3 on new server
            Import contents of your backup sql file to vb3
            All of your setting will be there, an exact copy of the old DB

            SSH to your old server
            use something like

            zip -R9v /path/to/forum/*

            This will zip everything you have in /forum including subdirectories and add it to

            Then use ftp yourserversip

            then SSH to new server and use

            mkdir forum wherever you want it (depending on your machines os and setup)

            then cd (change directory) into forum

            unzip -v

            and that will extract all files into forum

            You should now have an exact copy of your old forum on your new server.


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              I have to do this tonight! Thanks Zachery!


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                I really do appreciate everyone trying to help me out but this whole shell thing is so confusing to me. I still have not been able to follow anyone's instructions. Unfortunatly, what is easy for you and others to understand is incredibly confusing for me, someone who has never used this type of command.

                I checked the FAQ on my new hosting and they gave step by step instructions on what to do. It goes as follows:
                Upload the .sql file to my web site via FTP (done)
                type in this command:

                mysql -h -u dboxxxxxxxx -p dbxxxxxxxx < dump_file.sql
                Enter password:

                Ok, i followed those instructions but still get this error:

                ERROR 1064 (00000) at line 2: You have an error in your SQL syntax.
                Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the
                right syntax to use near 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1' at line 17

                I opened up my .sql file and here's the first little bit of a huge database:

                DROP TABLE IF EXISTS vb_access;
                CREATE TABLE `vb_access` (
                `userid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                `forumid` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                `accessmask` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                PRIMARY KEY (`userid`,`forumid`)
                ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

                Next, i tried to go into phpMyAdmin and manually run a SQL query, by pasting the above code. I get an error...The attachment is a screenshot of the error.
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                  Ok i've manually entered a few of the tables and found that this code:

                  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS vb_access;
                  CREATE TABLE `vb_access` (
                  `userid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                  `forumid` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                  `accessmask` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
                  PRIMARY KEY (`userid`,`forumid`)
                  ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

                  has an error in it. It's the very last line, "ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1"

                  If i take that out, then the tables will install successfully. Problem is, that line of code is on the end of EVERY table and i have to sort through 26,000 lines of code and delete it. Something just doesn't seem right...


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                    ITs because the server you are coming from is MySQL 4.1 and you are moving to a server with an older version of MySQL, possilby 3.x or 4.0, which it doesn't support the full table insert that you are trying.

                    You need to either manually re-edit this file and remove at least DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 if not re-dump the file from the original server in a format that would work for the version of mysql you are moving to.


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                      Acctually it's the opposite. I'm leaving NetworkSolutions, and they use 3.23, and uses 4.0.20...But your response still makes sence. I think my only option is to manually go through 26,000 lines of code and delete those instances of that code...a pain in the @$$, but its got to be done.


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                        Some text editors allow a file wide SEARCH/REPLACE.
                        If you search for that text and replace it with nothing, it should work.
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                          Yeah i should have posted an update. I used Microsoft Word and used the little find and replace tool. It did the job in a matter of seconds. I finally was able to get my tables moved, but i ran into another problem in which i started a new topic on:



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                            Thats not possible, MySQL 3.x does not have the Engine Statment and neither does it have The Default Language settings. Before all MySQL clients were compiled at runtime with what type of characrert set they would use.


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                              hmmm well i posted what i found in their FAQ...i guess they need to update their stuff...the attachment is a screenshot of their FAQ.
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