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New hosting...Question moving vBulletin

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  • New hosting...Question moving vBulletin

    Ok well i had an active vbulletin forum and felt like the hosting I had was not very good. I set up some new hosting on a new server and now i'm curious about how to move all of the information from one MySQL database to another. I'm new to phpMyAdmin but i'm getting comfortable with navigating it. In my new hosting, i do have access via SSH, but i'm not sure about the old hosting. So, what's the best way I can move tables from one server to another using phpMyAdmin? Thank you!

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    Lets see if we can get a few questions anwsered and we can proceed.

    Does your old host have cpanel?
    Does your new host have SSH?
    Are you confortable with working with the command line?


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      I will check on cPanel now...i doubt it (

      The new host does have SSH

      No, i don't know any of the commands for SSH. I downloaded a program called Putty, and i've been able to log in and everything, but nothing past that.


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        Alright, let me know if the old host has cpanel, as we can do everything from your new hosts ssh connection, it may even be possible without cpanel.

        Basicly I am hoping we can enable a remote connection to mysql from your new host

        Then you can use mysqldump to get the data from the old host, directly into the new host.


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          I couldn't find cPanel on the old host. However, i got into phpMyAdmin and selected the tables i wanted, and hit "export". It gives me a huge load of text...beginning with this:

          -- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
          -- version 2.7.0-pl2
          -- Host: localhost
          -- Generation Time: Feb 28, 2006 at 09:36 AM
          -- Server version: 4.1.16
          -- PHP Version: 4.4.1


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            You can do a manual dump with phpmyadmin, however its not recomended and there is a chance it may not complete properly.

            When you go to your old host, you get logged into a control panel of some sort like



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              hm i'm not sure. do you mean when i log into the phpMyAdmin? Whenever i log into phpMyAdmin, it sends me straight to an IP address for log in...ex.

              i then enter my username and password to log in.

              edit: As for control panel, everything is done through the web site of My access is pretty much limited to nothing but FTP and phpMyAdmin.
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                Can you ask them to make a backup via the shell for you?


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                  good news....I have access via SSH on my old hosting. Ok....lets do this.


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                    when you login

                    mysqldump --opt -Q -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME > file.sql


                    gzip file.sql


                    ftp ipaddress of your new website


                    put file.sql.gz

                    Once its done exit

                    You should have moved your file succuesfully.


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                      is there any program you recommend for SSH connections?


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                        Ok here's another small issue i ran into. On my old database, i named the tables in the MySQL database "vb_forum". in the new database, i named them "vb3forum" How can i get around this little issue?


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                          What do you mean in the new database? You installed vB at your new host?


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                            yes but there are only 5 posts...i'm not worried about re-installing if i need to. they're not important posts. do i need to get the tables in the database before installing vb again?


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                              You should empty the database, or use a fresh database to import the database you are moving.