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  • Sitting within a web page

    Embarrasing i know but how do it sit my forum within a webpage like this:

    idiot guide would be great.

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    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Common Templates (in the menu)

    The header and footer templates contain the top and bottom of the layout HTML. You can edit these templates to wrap your forum in some custom layout.

    If you have layout code in some central file, then you can capture the output of that file by adding a plugin:

    Admin CP -> Plugin System -> Add New Plugin

    Create a new plugin for the global_start hook location. Use code like this:

    $header_contents = ob_get_contents();
    Change the red code to point to your file. Now you can use this variable in the header for example:

    ...and it will parse to the output of your file.


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      Originally posted by Jake Bunce
      The header and footer templates contain the top and bottom of the layout HTML. You can edit these templates to wrap your forum in some custom layout.

      Thanks for the reply but is it possible to answer this question:

      Say i create a webpage in dreamweaver/frontpage with a few tables how do i insert my forum into one of the tables?

      as mentioned have done this sort of thing havent they?


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        Edit the header and footer templates. The openning table code goes in the header, the closing stuff goes in the footer. Doing this requires a familiarity with HTML source code.


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          work persfectly

          i posted my banner.php in my root (where my function is in).

          my banner_display.php also in my root, where the function call is in.
          put this in my plugin info.

          $[COLOR=red]footer_contents[/COLOR] = ob_get_contents();
          put this in my footer template on top.
          and voila, my banner rotator works as planned.

          Thanks for the explanation.



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            can you help me?
            how can i create a personal tag in vb?
            for example i downloded a php code that can show the some code in some syntax like php or java or pascal.

            you can show this as:
            $geshi = new GeSHi($source, $language);

            $source is the text that user intered as my tag.
            $language is the language you can show the text in that format.but in our forum $language is 'delphi' and it isn't variable.
            for show the final code i should write this line:
            echo $geshi

            at first i should include this file:

            can you help me where i should inter the (include line) and how can i create the personal code for above?

            how should i change the code that when user intered the [delphi] tag, vbulletin show the intered code as delphi syntax?

            no i want to create a personal tag in vbulletin.
            for example this tag: [delphi] [/delphi]
            when user intered the text between this tag, vbulletin shows this text as syntax like delphi or java(exactly like tag that shows the intered text in php systax hilight!!!)

            how should i modify the header to inter this line :

            and how should i create this tage in Vbulletin?

            King Regards
            Babak Ahadi


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              We can't offer official support for code modifications or for forums running modified code. But we do have a hacking site and forums, however, with people that may be willing to help you with this.

              Please visit and ask for help there in the appropriate forum.
              Kerry-Anne :)

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                I can't get this to work... it gives me nothing...


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                  This was very helpful to me, thanks


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