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  • Caching errors

    I have one main style for all my forums that runs Google ads across the top and righthand rail.

    A local retailer wanted to sponsor one of my individual boards, so I took the google ads off and created a new style, with the regular style as the parent.

    Problem is, some readers say they're not seeing the banner ads I hardcoded into the new templates--they are instead seeing the Google ads that are from the parent style.

    Most readers are seeing the proper ads on the right pages, but some are not. Suggestions?

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    Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options

    Here you can set the default style for users, and check the option no for ' allow users to change styles '.

    This will force the new default style upon users, which is the customized child style.


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      That option is set to no, and has been the entire time. Some users are still seeing the pages with Google ads.

      Here's the main forum:

      This board should show customized ads on the top and right that are hardcoded in:

      Yet for some reason, many users aren't seeing the hardcoded ad banners. I've verified this with at least 10 users.

      Would it help to create a totally different style, rather than making the customized style a child of the main style?


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        Little help? Has anyone else had this problem or a possible solution?


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          I also see the google ads when I first visit the forum.

          This means that the default style set is the style that has these ads in them somewhere. Or this means the master style was edited (which shouldn't be done).

          I would have to login to your admincp and check the style to see what might be going on. Could you start a new support ticket and include a link back to this thread? Also include your ftp and admincp details.


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            I did edit the master style. So should I revert all those templates and create both of the versions I want to use--the one with Google ads and the one without--as child styles of the original reverted VB style?


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              If you revert a master template you actually delete it.

              Go to styles & templates > upload/download > and click the import submit button, this will import the master style again.

              Make a parent style and edit that. Never edit the master style unless you know what you're doing.


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