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  • Persistent New User Connections

    I think there is a problem here with the new user registration process. It may be related to a post I made earlier on 'new user latency', which received no replies. Either this is only happening to me or people are not paying attention to what's going on with the new user registration process.

    Yesterday I was watching (from who's online using the user agent) as some users registered. I noticed when they first came to the site a connection was made under 'guest' and I would take note of their IP address. They would go through the registration process, which created a new connection under their registered user name. This process/connection was also viewable through 'who's online.' Problem is, the first connection under 'guest', is persisted so now they are in the 'who's online' list as two identities, both as a 'guest' and as a member, both with the same IP address, etc.

    After registration, they would be directed back to their targeted area of interest, that is, what they were attempting to view before they were notified to register, and try to continue with doping out the site. In this case, it's usually one of the important user calendars that they want to view. Even though the calendar permissions are set to wide open for all registered users, they still can't view or post to the calendar unless they logout and close all their browser sessions and return.

    My guess is this is because vBulletin is persisting the original connection, which is as a 'guest', even after they complete the registration. This original connection carries the lowest access privledge, which vBulletin probably honors from the bottom up, and prevents them from participating as a full member, which they are.

    The result is that the new user finds there is absolutely nothing of interest in this forum and departs, probably forever thinking that it was all just a waste of time. The notion of coaxing a membership out of promising content is then mute and meaningless!

    Can anyone else verify this is happening with 353??? It's a very important issue and it's hard to believe it's happening to only me.

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    Do you have persistent connections turned on or off in the config.php file?


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      // This option allows you to turn persistent connections to MySQL on or off.
      // The difference in performance is negligible for all but the largest boards.
      // If you are unsure what this should be, leave it off. (0 = off; 1 = on)

      $config['MasterServer']['usepconnect'] = 0; //01/24/06, Original Value, NF


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        This is not a 'persistent connection' as such. It's a different user session, and these automatically timeout at the end of the cookie timeout setting (default 900 seconds or 15 minutes.)

        You will also see the same thing from users with ISPs that contstantly change IP addresses.

        I'm not sure how this is a problem in any way. Thousands of people register on thousands of vB forums every day, including this one, and I've never heard of this causing any problem whatsoever. The person is able to access whatever they have permission to access. The 'old' session is irrelevant.
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          Have you customized any templates such as header, footer, etc. in an older version of vBulletin (3.0.x) and not synched those changes with vB3.5.x?


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            yes it's just session cookie.. the guest entry will disappear usually after the set cookie timeout value
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