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  • Database Class Not Found

    hey guys we downloaded vb 3.5.0 to make an upgrade and we uploaded all the new files and overwrote the old ones now that is the message i get so what i want to know is where is that file which has the class info? and what is its name , please help

    thanks, in advance

    P.S it appears that i made the same thread in the 3.0 support so mods and admin please delete that thread.

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    If you are running 3.5.x and you want to upgrade to the latest you should download 3.5.3 and not 3.5.0.

    Do not edit any files, only use the 3.5.3's includes/ file (rename it to config.php first!)

    Then edit it and point it to the right mysql database details.


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      hi thanks for the reply , well ok we were using before the 3.00 and now for upgrade we deleted all the files and then uploaded all the files of the latest version 3.5.3 which is the latest but we still get that error

      Fatal error: Database class not found


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        Did you run upgrade.php ?


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          when we deleted all the files ?


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            you mean forum/install/upgrade.php ? if it is that yes and that shows the same message too.


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              If you have the MySQL database from 3.0.0 still in place,
              and you want to upgrade to 3.5.3 you delete the 3.0.0 files, leave the database in place and then upload the 3.5.3 files. Then you rename the to config.php and edit it.

              The values for the variables from the 3.0.0 config.php file are the values the new (almost alike) variables require from the new 3.5.0 config.php file.

              If you get that error that means one of the entered values are incorrect.


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                  well thanks i have done all of that , i deleted all the 3.00 files and then left the database then downloaded the latest version , after that i edited the new config by using the same old values of the database but i have some suspect in the dbtype variable as i wrote this in it MySQL 4.0.25 , is it correct ? cause that is what is on the phpmyadmin


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                    and i searched the manually before i even posted this so no answers in there


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                      In that case please open a new support ticket and include your forum url, your full admin user/pass, your ftp host and user/pass and phpmyadmin details. And we will have a look. Please link back to this thread too.


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                        how long does it usually take to get an answer , the forums are down now and i want this fixed ASAP


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                          ok floris i sent all the stuff that ios needed before more than 30 mins and still waiting


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