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    I just found this thread on the net as i have google alerts set up.

    This is my fault, sorry mate, when i installed your seo hack, i copy and pasted all my edited code into your site and i forgot to remove a tiny iframe i had on mine, just give me a shout on msn and i will remove this for you... apologies once again, im surprised you didn't notice it earlier...

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  • Rukas
    Judging from the javascript log it seems to be loading and

    It seems ive been hacked and that has been added somewhere but I have no idea where, i searched for in the styles and there doesnt seem to have been any file edits, anyone got any ideas?
    Last edited by Rukas; Sat 21 Jan '06, 10:07pm.

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  • Rukas
    started a topic Forum loading other sites in the background

    Forum loading other sites in the background

    My forum seems to be loading other sites in the background, for example and falkmag advertising things. I have not installed these on the site and they do not actually show up anywhere.

    The only think I installed was phpadsnew and the vb bridge to it from

    Thinking this may be the problem, I removed the product and any template edits I made but the situation has not resolved itself.

    Does anyone else know what this could be?

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