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  • Selective Instant Email Notification?? - I have one user that is not receiving emails for his thread subscriptions. I have checked all his settings, and everything is in order. He made sure the admin email address is on his spam filter (or off, depeding on how you see it)...and I can send him emails directly if I use that email address to send him a private email....he gets that, so no problems with that particular address being caught as spam.

    I'm at a loss for what to tell him.

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    These are definitely being sent to him by vB. So either your server is rejecting these emails, or something on his end is. You will need to view the mail logs on the server to see what happened to those emails. Once vB sends it to PHP it's in the hands of the server. If you are on a shared server you may need to ask your host to look through the logs for you.
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