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Retrieving PM's that may be lost

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  • Retrieving PM's that may be lost

    A friend of mine was an Admin on another board and had 3500 PM's in her inbox. Due to infighting on that board she "de-adminned" herself, or had some one do it on her request. However, she now only has a limit of 50 PM's in her inbox. Is there a way for her to download the other 3500 or are they now lost? I believe there is one friendly Admin over there who might be able to help her but she's asked me first of all to find out if it's possible. My board is new and I don't know the ins and outs of PM's yet. What advice can I give her?

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    No. The only way would be for someone to restore her Admin group access or increase the PM limit for here existing group. This assumes that those PMs are not totally lost which I can't say for sure.
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      Thanks Steve, I'll let her know.