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Changing color codes URGENT

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  • Changing color codes URGENT

    Can I somehow change the colorcodes? Or make new codes for different colors? Please respond quickly!

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    Answer did not match original poster's request due to lack of information.
    Last edited by feldon23; Fri 30 Dec '05, 12:39pm.


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      I don't think you understood my problem.

      Me and my other forum members are going to post stuff like this:

      Party Poker (9 handed) converter

      Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with J:spade:, A:club:.
      [color:#666666]7 folds[/color].

      Flop: 4:diamond:, 9:spade:, T:club: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      BB checks.

      Turn: K:diamond: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      BB checks.

      River: Q:spade: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color]
      UTG folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, MP3 folds, CO folds, Button folds, SB folds, BB checks, BB checks.

      Final Pot:

      The color codes should be changed to the right codes, now it ain't doing it on my forum. Is there any way I can get it woking?


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        You didn't give details before. Now that you have, here's what's happening:

        Your color codes are [color:#666666].
        However vBulletin uses [color=#666666].

        I know of no way to make vBulletin accept [color:#666666].

        What would be really nice is if the author of that conversion website would add support for vBulletin. Then you could define bbcodes for everything you need. You could even add bbCodes for Spade, Diamond, Hearts, and Clubs that insert the appropriate icon for each suit.

        Can you paste the INPUT code you're putting into that converter?
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          The input looks like this:

          ***** Hand History for Game 3286641924 *****
          $5/$10 Texas Hold'em - Friday, December 30, 15:54:28 EDT 2005
          Table Table 65933 (Real Money)
          Seat 3 is the button
          Total number of players : 10
          Seat 1: Marcy56 ( $268 )
          Seat 2: DutchMarral ( $235 )
          Seat 8: silentfolder ( $248 )
          Seat 9: ww8635 ( $170.50 )
          Seat 5: lazyman113 ( $141 )
          Seat 6: mich24111 ( $479 )
          Seat 4: kwhister19 ( $167.42 )
          Seat 3: PepperoniLAG ( $478 )
          Seat 7: eyegolf65 ( $55 )
          Seat 10: Niki45 ( $245 )
          kwhister19 posts small blind [$2].
          lazyman113 posts big blind [$5].
          ** Dealing down cards **
          Dealt to PepperoniLAG [ Kh As ]
          DutchMarral: nh
          mich24111 folds.
          eyegolf65 folds.
          silentfolder folds.
          ww8635 folds.
          Niki45 folds.
          Marcy56 raises [$10].
          DutchMarral raises [$15].
          PepperoniLAG raises [$20].
          kwhister19 folds.
          lazyman113 folds.
          Marcy56 calls [$10].
          DutchMarral calls [$5].
          ** Dealing Flop ** [ Ac, 8d, Jc ]
          Marcy56 checks.
          DutchMarral checks.
          PepperoniLAG bets [$5].
          Marcy56 calls [$5].
          DutchMarral calls [$5].
          ** Dealing Turn ** [ 5h ]
          Marcy56 checks.
          DutchMarral checks.
          PepperoniLAG bets [$10].
          Marcy56 raises [$20].
          DutchMarral folds.
          PepperoniLAG calls [$10].
          ** Dealing River ** [ 7c ]
          Marcy56 bets [$10].
          PepperoniLAG calls [$10].
          Marcy56 shows [ Ad, Jh ] two pairs, aces and jacks.
          PepperoniLAG shows [ Kh, As ] a pair of aces.
          Marcy56 wins $139 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and jacks.

          Cant I make those :# changed to =# with bb code or something? Is the only way really to try to get the author to make the converter fit vBulletin?


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            Use "TC Poker" instead of "2+2 Forums" for the Format.


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