I'm trying to add a second administrator and they don’t see all the options or How can i limit another Administrators Permissions?

First you'll have to set yourself up as a Super Admininstrator. Only Super Administrators may edit Administrator Permissions.
    //    ****** SUPER ADMINISTRATORS ******
    //    The users specified below will have permission to access the administrator permissions
    //    page, which controls the permissions of other administrators
$config['SpecialUsers']['superadministrators'] = 'X';
You must edit config.php replace X with your userid number.
If you want other Administrators to be allowed to change Administrators Permissions as well, seperate the userids with commas. Example:
PHP Code:
$config['SpecialUsers']['superadministrators'] = '1,5,471'
To adjust the users premissions, goto your

AdminCP -> Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions

Click on [Edit Permissions] next to the appropriate Administrator.