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Can I overwrite a database then run upgrade?

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  • Can I overwrite a database then run upgrade?

    I have a live forum running vb3.0.7 and a new clean instal of vb3.5.2 (there is no data yet, I just finnished the instal and removed instal.php) My intention was to close the live forum and import using Impex from 3.0.7 to 3.5.2 but I now believe this not the best way as all the user and spidered link id's etc will be changed.

    I have an option of having my hosts overwrite the vb3.5.2 database with a copy from my live 3.0.7 forums, if I do this will I then be able to run the update option and be left with a fully functional 3.5.2vb instal with all my data from the "live forums". Also, do I need to replace the deleted instal.php file first?

    What is the best way to proceed?

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    Reread the upgrade instructions.
    Yes I'd close the board but I don't recall the need for running Impex nor overwriting the database. You will be overwriting all your php scripts.

    There are some scripts no longer used.
    I manually removed them.
    If your forum is in its own directory you can create a clean install in /forum2.
    Make sure everything is working.
    Then make make the necessary changes, delete forum and rename forum2 to forum. Just a thought.
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      I understand that normally I would copy the installation and then overwrite the 3.0.7 files with 3.5.2 then run upgrade, however I already have a fully working, non customised, empty 3.5.2 instal that I have been trying out. I wish to know if I overwrite that instals database with a copy of the database from my 3.0.7 forums can I then run the upgrade to save me a few steps

      If it's possible I can then just rename the directories and everything will be done saving me lots of time and hassal.


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        Upgrading is very easy, especially when you have no mods or hacks.
        It's not a clean install, simply an upgrade. 3.5.2 will update your current version one version at a time until current.
        It's not going to delete anything in your database, just add new tables and fields.

        I'll let someone else chime in. I'm sure a vB staff can tell you more clearly.
        But if I can do it, anyone can.
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          I know it's not a clean instal normally, but my question was made as I already have a clean instal of the latest VB 3.5.2 and if I can perform the data transfer/upgrade in the way I outlined it would save me deleting the full VB 3.5.2 instal, deleting the database that it was connected to, creating a new instal of VB 3.0.7 then duplicating the database, before then uploading vb 3.5.2 over the top and then running the upgrade script.

          I fully understand the "normal" upgrade route but since I am at a different point, it seems pointless to back track to then go forward again if what I am asking is possible. If not then obviously I will have to follow the normal route but I thought it was worth asking the question on the off chance that the upgrade script will just see the difference in the vb3.0.7 database and convert it to a suitable working VB 3.5.2 database.


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            Does anyone know if the above will work or not?

            I have to do the work today and its getting close to the deadline.


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              Well to answer your last question in first post first, the best way to proceed is the normal route or at least my method virtually fool proof and doesn't touch the original database but down side is you need more control over server i.e. ssh telnet access or get web host to do some of the steps i.e. back up/restore databases etc

              I haven't tried such an impex import from 3.0.7 to 3.5.2 - so can't guarantee it will work 100% you MAY end up doing this and still having to do it the normal way which would waste time too - so why not to it properly once and forget about it ever again ?

              what i'd do is

              assuming vB 3.5.2 files are at /vb352

              1. drop/delete all current 3.5.2 install database tables but DON'T delete the databasename or the vB 3.5.2 php files folder contents itself - so you still have the databasename for 3.5.2 but there's no tables in that database and the vB 3.5.2 files still are where they are at /vb352

              2. mysqldump the 3.0.7 database to sql file

              3. import 3.0.7 database into the now emptied vB 3.5.2 databasename (done in step 1)

              4. upload all vB 3.0.11 php files and contents to a newly created directory at /vb3011 and point the vB 3.0.11 config.php to vB 3.5.2 databasename and perform upgrade at /vb3011/install/upgrade.php

              5. backup vB 3.0.11 upgrade database to sql file so if vB 3.5.2 upgrade messes up you can revert to vB 3.0.11 and not have to do vB 3.0.7 to 3.0.11 upgrade again

              6. then edit vB 3.5.2's config.php file at /vb352/includes/config.php and point it to vB 3.5.2 (which right now has vB 3.0.11 data in it from step #4)

              7. run vB 3.5.2 upgrade at /vb352/install/upgrade.php to completion

              8. back up vB 3.5.2 to sql

              if all is well delete /vb3011 directory contents

              you will end up having 2 complete sql backups for step #5 vB 3.0.11 sql and step #8 vB 3.5.2 sql backup which you can download and burn to dvd-r/cd-r to keep safe
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                Thanks eva for replying. In the end I followed your method of doing the upgrade on a duplicated forum with a duplicated database. All went well and short of a few tweaks and colour changes that need to be done, everything is back up and running on VB 3.5.2.

                Thanks for you help


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                  Great to hear it all went well
                  :: Always Back Up Forum Database + Attachments BEFORE upgrading !
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                  :: vBulletin hacked forums: Clean Up Guide for VPS/Dedicated hosting users [ blog summary ]


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