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  • Restoring db

    I upgraded to vBulletin 3.5.2
    due to some mistake of mine (i uninstalled and installed again vbAdvanced) i lost all my vbAdvanced settings / templates changes / new thinks etc.
    So, i want to restore my db to 3.5.1 version (my latest backup taken via AdminCP) and re upgrade vBulletin.

    I went to phpMyAdmin, selected my db, clicked at SQL box from the right hand frame, uploaded my .sql back up....
    but nothing so far.

    I guess there's something i need to do to complete it (a!, forgot to say that in the left panel, where i choose between dbs the new uploaded file is there).

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    Sorry, wrong forum.
    It should be on vBulletin 3.5 category


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      Thread moved.
      Here is our online manual with instructions on how to restore a mysql database backup.


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        Hello Floris
        I don't have (or at least i don't know to have) the SSH / Telnet, so i choose the second way.

        It sais:

        "Restoring The Database via phpMyAdmin
        For purposes of this instruction,I am using phpMyAdmin version 2.5.6-rc1.

        Go to phpMyAdmin in your web broswer and select the database you wish to back up by clicking on the name. If you have multiple databases, you will need to select the name from the drop menu.

        In the right-hand frame, you will see a row of links. Click [SQL]

        You will see a large input box for queries and below that you will see a smaller box labeled Browse.

        Click the [Browse] button, navigate to and select the backup file on your home computer and click the [Go]."

        I did all those things.
        But! while uploading finished, (my netowork had stopped uploading any kind of data so i realised this) the explorer still seemd to upload data. and, the most strange thing is that the backup exists as a new db.

        Lets suppose i have done everything in the correct way, after clicking button go and uploading has finished, what am i supposed to see and what is supposed to happen?


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          what's my best course of action for upgrading now?

          I just had a horrible loss, my server companies' backups were corrupt, and and they had to restore me from a backup I made in january, and I lost 400,000 posts and endless hacks I figure while we are all in pain from this now, I may as well go ahead and upgrade to 3.5 - what's the best way to do this? Considering they dont know why my database got corrupted - and who knows if this one will corrupt too?


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            how big is your database ? most hosts have a "size limit" on what you can restoe through there phpmyadmin.In the SQL box it should mention this limit but if you exced this limit you'll get something like "operation timed out" or something.

            if you are on a shared host you should ftp the backup eventually compressed if it's big and then ask your host to restore the database this way you're sure it get's restored properly

            Also you describe a typical problem with vbadvanced cmps if you get a blank page on your portal after you have upgraded vbulletin it is enough to choose for "reinstall templates (usefull if you have upgraded vbulletin)" on the vbadvanced installer


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              You might be better off by opening a seperate thread for your problem.

              But if a host:
              1. Don't know why something is corrupted.
              2. Didn't know their backups are corrupted
              3. Can only offer you a 1 year old backup.

              Then my suggestion is to start by looking for a new host before trying to get your board up again.

              PS You might ask your host to give you one of the latest 'corrupted' backups and see if anything can be safed from this.
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