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Template postbit and legacy are not inheriting?

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  • Template postbit and legacy are not inheriting?

    Hi...I don't know if you will be able to help me or not since it was originally done on purpose by my other admin...

    We have styles set up like so:

    -Style 1
    --Style 2
    --Style 3
    --Style X

    etc. so editing a template in style 1 will make the same changes happen in all the other styles....awesome for plugins that require editing templates (like all of them bassically). The problem is that postbit and postbit_legacy is not inheriting any changes. So we have to go through each style and keep repeating the changes.

    My friend that did this originally (as I said it was done on purpose for whatever reason) is now away for some time. Do you guys know what I could do to make it work again? I realize that it's not a problem with vBulletin but maybe you guys know what to do....


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    You probably have the postbit and postbit_legacy templates customized in the child styles. Template changes only inherit if the templates from the child style is not customized itself.


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      Is there any ways to..say...undo this?


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        Go to the child style, find the postbit template, and click revert.
        It will then revert it to the master template. And because it is a child style, inherit the changes from the parent template.


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          oh....ok...but then I lose all my edits. Bah I'll make a backup!

          (call me)


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            Thing is. You want the child template to inherit from the parent template. In order to do this the child template must be an original template.

            If you have it customized and need plugin template mods in it, open it and apply them manually.


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              O.K thanks everything is working fine now.


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