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Server's error or vb's?

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  • Server's error or vb's?

    An error msg I got earlier this evening:

    Invalid SQL:

    SELECT user.userid, user.options, user.username, user.usergroupid, user.displaygroupid, threadread.readtime,
    groupa.opentag as opentaga, groupa.closetag as closetaga, groupb.opentag as opentagb, groupb.closetag as closetagb
    FROM threadread as threadread
    LEFT JOIN user as user ON user.userid = threadread.userid
    LEFT JOIN usergroup as groupa ON user.usergroupid = groupa.usergroupid
    LEFT JOIN usergroup as groupb ON user.displaygroupid = groupb.usergroupid
    WHERE threadread.threadid = 4683 ORDER BY username;

    MySQL Error : Got error 12 from table handler
    Error Number : 1030
    Date : Friday, December 9th 2005 @ 02:16:47 AM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address :
    Username : Apokalupsis
    Classname : vb_database
    I told my host about it and tried to explain that this was a server memory issue.

    They said the server was fine because other sql db's on the same server were working ok, and that it was just the vb db that was causing the problem.

    They said :

    Now I cannot even open your site because there are loops in the script and it times out. This account is using now 13% CPU even it it is not operation sometimes. There are many loops which generates this load.

    This is the first time that I've ever had this happen and I've been a vb owner for 3+ years.

    Is he correct? Is the problem a vb issue or a server issue? I also have vbadvanced installed as my portal...but I've had it as my portal for at least 2 years now and never had a problem like this (no problems at actually).

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    Can you ask them to point out the loops?

    webserver:~ floris$ perror 12
    System error: 12 = Cannot allocate memory
    webserver:~ floris$

    This is a server issue.


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      No need to argue with them; move on to a new webhoster.


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