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3.5.0 -> 3.5.2?

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  • 3.5.0 -> 3.5.2?


    I originally installed 3.5.0 and have applied some fixes downloaded from here. If I want to update it to 3.5.2, can I just upload the 2 files in the /include directory in the file?


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    No, thats not upgrading, thats patching.

    If you want to upgrade, upload all of the files from the 3.5.2 zip and run upgrade.php.

    Take a look at the upgrading FAQ at the top of the forum.


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      Upgrade. Well worth it.
      VTX1800 aka Bryan


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        for upgrade vb 3.5.0 to 3.5.2 should upload all the files or install directory files?
        we change some files for install hack than
        please help me


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          I'm sorry but what's the difference between patching and uploading all the files in the 3.5.2 zip file? Also, if I upload all the files, does that mean all my custom settings (ie color, fonts, layout, etc) will be all gone?



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            patching is uploading the one or two files that will take care of securing a vulnerability.

            Updating to the newest version will also take care of the security fix AND all bug fixes and other changes since the last version. You can see the list of what has changed in the announcements forum.

            Updating will not change or affect your colors or fonts. It will not immediately affect any template changes you have made (it will leave your customized templates in place so you can compare them to the new templates and note things you need to add/change. Then you can revert that/those templates and re-apply your changes to the newest 'version').

            So, if all you have changed is colors, fonts, and template changes, you can update with no/little trouble.

            If you have changed any of the php files you will need to use beyond compare or something similar (unless you kept good notes when applying hacks) to incorporate those changes to the new version's php files before uploading them. (these changes/hacks are not supported by vb so you may need to wait for the info at to indicate the hack(s) will work with the newest version)


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              Vil upgrading delete changes done with templates on the board, remove any settings or the like. Or will everything stay intact? This is the soul reason I've been patching all these months and not upgrading, for fear of losing anything on the board.
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                No, again, try reading the FAQ at the top of the forum, it anwsers many of these questions.


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                  Hello KBV,

                  You can download the style first and re-upload it later. I was in your position just an hour ago. Please read this: