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  • Invalid Forum Specified

    When not logged in and I click on "Today's Posts" in the Nav Bar, which is a legal action as a guest, an error message tells me that "Invalid Forum Specified" then asks if I followed a valid link, if so, to report it to myself (Adminstrator) - nice. I've just gone on line as a beta test and of all days

    A bug? Anyone have any ideas?

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    How about a link to your forum?


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      It's a beta site so it's When you get into the gateway click on THE ORACLE tab.

      When you do this, also tell if you think this thing is running far too slow? I've reported it to my Host providers.

      many thanks


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        Odd, and yes your host does seem fairly slow...

        edit: are any of your forums set to index new posts for searching?


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          Thanks Zachery,
          I take it this lies in the Forum manager? I'll take a look.
          But the slowness of the site is killing me. Ive probably got all my beta testers running at this stage
          You'll have noticed the gateway is okay - it's just the BB. So I stuck up a notice making excuses.

          At 4 am it seems to zip - but I think there is an issue with Host loading, my config appears ok etc. Takes my Host providers up to 48hrs up to reply
          So imagine my great surprise when you came back to me in less than 2 mins


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            Sorted Zachery.

            Yes, permission to search as an unregistered member was not given in Forum Permissions, as a result it threw up this problem.

            I think the slowness is down to my Host providers - performance after mid day goes down hill and almost stops by 6pm. It's now come back up thankfully.

            Many thanks for your speedy and knowledgeable response.