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Statistics apparently lost in upgrade to 3.5.1

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  • Statistics apparently lost in upgrade to 3.5.1

    Late last week I upgraded our 3.0.1-based site to 3.5.1. Prior to the upgrade we were seeing around 1400 registered members visiting the site per day in our User Statistics. After the upgrade I went into Statistics and we saw that the previous numbers we had logged had been changed to either 0 or something in the 40-60 user range. As I thought that the statistics counters needed to be rebuilt I did so yesterday. Now what I see is that yesterday our numbers were around 1,100 and all the previous days are in the 40-60 range. Our upgrade started on the 25th so I would expect that even if the data was off it would only be for the 25th through yesterday. It should not have effected the data prior to the 25th.

    It appears that only the user activity has been effected as registration, new thread, new post stats, etc. all look have the previous data I had prior to the upgrade.

    Has anyone else had this issue, been able to resolve it, etc.? As it is now I'm not

    Thanks for your assistance!

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      I'm not aware of this being a bug. Have you tried rebuilding the statistics?
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        Has there been any resolution on this? We're currently running 3.5.4, but noticed the exact same problem just a few days ago.

        We get about 400-500 users per day. We checked the user statistics to see how the site had grown over the last year, and found that the numbers before mid-January dropped off from 400-500 per day to 0-50 per day (perhaps when we upgraded to 3.5.1, but we can't be sure).

        We tried rebuilding the user statistics, only to find that it reduced ALL of the days visits to 0-50 per day, except for yesterday and today.

        It sounds like the same problem that's described above, but I've searched around and can't find any other information.



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