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  • 2checkout problem

    Hi I have problem setting 2checkout payments

    my settings as following

    in 2checkout site I put in Look and Feel page

    Direct Return

    Approved URL

    Pending URL

    and already saved (secret word) there and at my vbulletin
    but i'm not sure if these setting correct or not

    I make real order for test and 2checkout sent me back to my site and vbulletin asked me to login and when I login with the name I made test by I found my self not on my vbulletin but on error loing page at 2chekout which I did'nt understand why i'm there lol and when I checked my 2checkout I found the order under pendin

    so can anyone help me with setting 2checkout
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    waiting someone can help


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      up again


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        They should point to payment_gateway.php not payments.php.
        Scott MacVicar

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          I changed the url's to point payment_gateway.php but when order completed it is not redirect users to my site or even change their membership status as I want only send them email that order completed and I have to change their usergrop manually by my self


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            still my members can't get an automatic upgrade to their usergroup when they pay by 2checkout I donno why this not working very well I put all required setting in vbulletin & in 2checkout site


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              I have the same problem. I enabled 2checkout with the above settings (by Steve), two orders came in, both I had enable by hand. Any ideas??



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                Originally posted by indie
                I have the same problem. I enabled 2checkout with the above settings (by Steve), two orders came in, both I had enable by hand. Any ideas??

                up... we still waiting anyone can help


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                  up .........


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                    Scott MacVicar helped me in a support ticket:
                    You need to make sure you link to payment_gateway.php?method=twocheckout and not just payment_gateway.php since the method is required.


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                      That doesn't work for me either.

                      Does anyone have 2checkout working successfully? Can you tell us how you have the URLs set up?

                      I should note that I am using 2checkout v2, not v1. Maybe this is the problem? Most people are on v2 now.



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                        Don't keep looking, the problem is not 2checkout, the problem is vbulletin.
                        When somebody pay using 2checkout, regarding your settings on your 2checkout account, it doesn't matter, they will not get their account automatically upgraded to the subscription they have just bought.

                        You have to add ther user manually to the subscription he paid for.

                        A BIG problem, when you have several types of subscription and more than 80,000 users...


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                          If anyone has managed to get this working please send me a PM i'd be willing to pay for the help received as this is very important for me.



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                            Poster on top of you is correct. It's not set up to work automatically, the techs via support here confirmed this.


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                              I was setting up 2checkout. It didn't seem to work. It seems to be v1, but that's a whole other issue.

                              The issue at hand here seems to be that in this post, , it is said to use method=twocheckout.

                              However, this code indicates the "twocheckout" var value is used in this where condition in payment_gateway.php.

                              $api = $db->query_first_slave("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "paymentapi WHERE classname = '" . $db->escape_string($vbulletin->GPC['method']) . "'");

                              A quick look at the paymentapi table tells us this should be "2checkout", not "twocheckout".

                              Perhaps that will help for v1, on v2, 2CO does not seem to send to payment_gateway.php?method=2checkout. It seems to ignore any variables I put there at least.

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