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localhost or full address? (mysql question)

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  • localhost or full address? (mysql question)

    Hi all,

    First time install VB (IPB convert )

    When editing the config.php file with the "database servername" i am a little confused/unsure how to fill it in. This is what my hosts CP has on it:

    Hostname :

    So i tried localhost and also tried the above url but still getting the standard failed to connect error (yes i read sticky etc thanks) and first port of fault finding was this, so how do i fill in the hostname, as above? or do i need to put http:// or similar also ? If someone can confirm from above details what exactly goes between ' ' i can move onto what else is causing my error in install.

    My hosts cp has this note too: (not totally sure if need to do else to access)
    • The MySQL database is stored on a separate database server behind a firewall to protect your data. You can only access this database server and your database exclusively through your site. Direct access to the MySQL database using a home PC (external ODBC connection) cannot be established.
    • Please note that a complete PhpMyAdmin directory has to be uploaded in order to guarantee access to the MySQL database.
    I have a IPB board running fine on a seperate db on that host so dont think i have an access problem.

    Thanks in advance, help me save some hairs

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    Have you tried setting the servername to in config.php? If so, what error do you get?
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      Yes its working now fine, i did do the same originally and got the failed to connect error, but having spoke to my host last night it seems they need 10-15 mins after setting up a db before it is acessible. Doh

      So thanks got that all installed fine now, move onto ipmort attempt now.