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ImageMagicK decided to stop working today

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  • ImageMagicK decided to stop working today

    For some reason my ImageMagicK stopped working for no apparent reason.

    I've followed all directions in this thread:

    It still is not working. The error I am left with in the admin CP is:

    "ImageMagick doesn't have freetype support. Compile with ./configure -lfreetype"

    Freetype IS installed (and always was...). I've reinstalled it just to be sure. No change. If I run the noted configure command on imagemagick, the response is this: |freetype unrecognized option

    Any tips appreciated?

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    its configure -Lfreetype ... which I think needs to be changed.

    let me go look at my mac, I had to smack it around alot to get its problems fixed.


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      Are you sure...? -Lfreetype comes back with "unrecognized option" as well.

      Here's my compilation info...:
      Shared libraries --enable-shared=yes yes
      Static libraries --enable-static=no no
      Module support --with-modules=no no
      GNU ld --with-gnu-ld=yes yes
      Quantum depth --with-quantum-depth=16 16
      Delegate Configuration:
      BZLIB --with-bzlib=yes yes
      DPS --with-dps=yes no
      FlashPIX --with-fpx=no no
      FreeType 2.0 --with-ttf=yes no
      GhostPCL None pcl6 (unknown)
      Ghostscript None gs (7.07)
      Ghostscript fonts --with-gs-font-dir=default /usr/share/fonts/default/Type1/
      Ghostscript lib --with-gslib=no no
      Graphviz --with-dot=yes no
      JBIG --with-jbig=yes no
      JPEG v1 --with-jpeg=yes yes
      JPEG-2000 --with-jp2=yes no
      LCMS --with-lcms=yes no
      Magick++ --with-magick-plus-plus=yes yes
      PERL --with-perl=no no
      PNG --with-png=yes yes
      TIFF --with-tiff=yes yes
      Windows fonts --with-windows-font-dir= none
      WMF --with-wmf=yes no
      X11 --with-x= no
      XML --with-xml=yes yes
      ZLIB --with-zlib=yes yes


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        I'm having the exact problem. Anyone find a fix? Care to share?
        Just another squirrel trying to get a nut,, &


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          ImageMagick stopped working today on my forums as well.

          I'm getting this error:

          ImageMagick Error
          Try installing Ghostscript and then reinstall ImageMagick.

          I sent a support ticket in to my server host, he said nothing on his end has changed.



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            Are you sure nothing has changed? Did you upgrade vB?


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              Mine was not installed. I installed it to use it instead of GD. but I'm having the exact same problem.
              Just another squirrel trying to get a nut

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