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Custom dropdown menu values?

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  • Custom dropdown menu values?

    Is there any way to set a custom value and then display text for additional profile options that are dropdowns? For example, in HTML I can write...

    <OPTION VALUE="1">Option 1</OPTION>
    In vB I can only add them one line at a time, so "Option 1" translates into...

    <OPTION VALUE="Option 1">Option 1</OPTION>
    Is there any way to do what I want it to do?

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    You can't just create more profile fields for additional dropdowns? I am not sure I understand what you want.


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      I run a gaming forum, and one of the games gives players specific ranks based on advancements in Player vs. Player combat. I'm trying to create a dropdown that has their rank, then attaches an image using the value. Right now the field looks like this (there are 14 possible ranks)...


      I want it to look like this...

      Rank 14: High Warlord / Grand Marshal
      Rank 13: Warlord / Field Marshal
      Rank 12: Lieutenant General / Marshal

      ... and then have the values for the selected rank be 14, 13 and 12 respectivly. The reason for this is so that I can use the field to determine the image. With the current vBulletin dropdown sytem if I made the above dropdown, I would have to make the associated images " 14: High Warlord / Grand Marshal.gif" instead of ""

      Does that explanation help? I'm basically trying to create a custom dropdown that lets me set the value of each option, instead of simply the text.


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        Oh I see.

        You might consider using a multiple-selection field. Each option in a multiple-selection field is represented by a single bit. See the second post in this thread.


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          I'll look into that option. Thanks for your help, Jake!


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