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    I just want to add a new tamplate.

    I am completely new to vBulletin and just purchased the lifelong license 2 days ago. I have been looking for help ever since.

    I have gone over all the docs, googled and googled and googled, most of it seems to be geared more towards people who have used this before. I get a few errors when I try to either upload a temp local or from the server.

    One says that the version of vB I am using is different than the temp 3.5.1 vs 3.5.0. Also, when I specify a file to upload via download/upload it says that I have not specified a file but it will try anyways, even though I did and it is the .xml file. I have tried about a dozen temps and none will load. Im sure there is something simple that I am missing.

    Just need a little help please

    Thanks in advanced.
    The HoloNet

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    not that simple?
    The HoloNet


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      If it says the version is diffrent use Ignore Style Version (Yes). That should let you use the style.