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FireFox and forum homepage issues!Forum home works well with Internet Explorer tho!

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  • FireFox and forum homepage issues!Forum home works well with Internet Explorer tho!

    I cant find what is going wrong...I have several hacks/plugins installed,NONE seems to screw firefox(i ve read all the plugins threads i ve installed in and noone has issues with firefox when using the hacks/plugins).

    The problem is:
    When you are not registered with my site and using Firefox
    you can only see the "It seems your are not registered to this site please login or register bla bla bla bla" and nothing more!

    the funny is that if i put a direct link from the browser i can see the thread/posts with no problem.If i click to go to forumhome i cant see it!!!

    So definetly is a forumhome issue.With internet explorer no problem,works fine.

    You will tell me to revert all templates,uninstall all plugins.Sorry,this is not possible cos i need 1 day to put them back one by one to find the "faulty" one!

    I ve reverted the forumhome template and navbar but not luck.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    It is a plugin/template problem. Navigate to the forum using Firefox and not logged in, then View the Source Code in Firefox. Scroll down the code to below the forum register message and the code is marked in bold red text from that point onwards.

    Looks like a bad template edit to me, but it's hard to tell since I can't read any of the text


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      well,thanks for your help my friend...

      i ve took the hard decision to delete plugins and revert all templates...

      How stupid i am tho...


      i use a semi-translated language half greek half english provided by a greek friend of mine inside this forum.

      When i used an other semi-translation of mine,everything works just it should be!!!!

      And i remove all the plugins/hacks....

      dont know how this could be really the problem.I mean,is it possible the "somehow corrupted" language do this???

      It's definetly the language,i ve ROLLED back all the templates and deleted all the plugins/hacks.And imagine that i ve rolled back to the correct language by luck!!


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        You had some CDATA code inserted immediately after the Welcome Box which was cutting off the rest of the page. Since you've disabled plugins and hacks, and the CDATA code is now gone and the page is working, that says to me it was one of your plugins/hacks/template edits rather than the language. Possibly a combination of both I suppose.


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          That might be the problem.But i ve deleted all plugins/products/reverted all templates to normal.

          Visited my forum and the problem was there.

          Putted back my language and the problem was vanished.

          I ll install back all the latest version of all plugins so far one by one and i ll keep checkin the forum home after the install to see if there was a "faulty" plugin/product.

          Thanx for your time my friend...