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  • query timeout

    Database error in vBulletin 3.5.0:

    Invalid SQL:

    INSERT INTO session
    (sessionhash, userid, host, idhash, lastactivity, location, styleid, languageid, loggedin, inforum, inthread, incalendar, badlocation, useragent, bypass)
    ('95ca6c3a0f52cb77ab7e65503131041c', 0, '', 'b1e97c538bd3f31c09e92beb3d67eb66', 1130566515, '/forums/showthread.php?t=411', 0, 0, 0, 4, 411, 0, 0, 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo! Slurp;', 0);

    MySQL Error : Lost connection to MySQL server during query
    Error Number : 2013
    Date : Saturday, October 29th 2005 @ 06:15:21 AM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address : *************
    Username : Unregistered
    Classname : vb_database
    why do i keep getting errors like this in my mailbox?
    im guessing it has somthing do do with the connection to my mysql database timing out, how do i correct this?

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    This might not have to do anything with a timeout. More people are reporting this same problem, always seem to be happening to guests. Please look for similar topics.
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      Please provide the 'wait_timeout' setting from your MySQL variables:

      Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> System Information -> MySQL Variables

      The default is 8 hours (28800). When this is lowered from the default setting, there seems to be an increase in 'lost connection' errors.

      You can try adding this line to your config.php file right under <?php:

      define('NOSHUTDOWNFUNC', true);

      This may help.
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        thanks for the tips! we will see


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