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Attachment/thumbnail views not updating

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  • Attachment/thumbnail views not updating

    My thumbnail views are not updating . I have set the counter to update immediately in CP. I have also tried to repair/optimize achachment views in CP.I have also manually run the schedulled task but that did not help either.
    I have tried login in with different user names with different laptops and that has not helped . I have not edited my footer .
    I will appreciate any suggestion.

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    Hi there,

    In the file is a folder called 'do_not_upload/', inside is tools.php.

    For this occasion, upload the tools.php file into your admincp/ and run it from the browser, click on the test shutdown_function. And let me know the result.


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      I ran the test and it says Your register_shutdown_function appears to work


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        Now that I think of it.. thumbnails do not have a counter?


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          I attached an image and I am going to see if the views increase when ever I click on it to view. It may not work because this server may not be setup to update immediately
          Attached Files


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            Update Attachment Views

            Update Attachment Views in CP -> Server Settings and optimization
            What exactly does that do ?
            According to the control panel Help

            If you enable this option, the attachment view counter for an attachment will be updated in realtime as attachments are viewed. Otherwise, they will be stored and updated every hour (by default) en masse. We recommend disabling this option for larger or busier forums as updating them in realtime can have a performance impact.

            Does the attachment view counter work for anybody ??? It is not working for me and I dont know if it is just not working for everyone


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              Does anybody know how to remove the attachment views ?


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