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  • Monkeys everywhere!

    Ever seen this before? This happened when upgrading to VB3.5

    (This is on my test site, I have lifted the password protection in hopes of getting some help)

    When I remove the monkey image file, I still get plenty of display errors. In IE, it looks like it's trying to put a monkey between every character.

    Unfortunately this also happened on my production site and I had to roll it back after attempting to upgrade

    Would love some help on this... here are some answers to expected questions and a theory.

    1. Yup, it's modified. Which is why I'm not typing this into a support ticket. Photopost, reviewpost, VBA and VBA links directory. Other than that, just a couple template mods I think ("just..." )

    2. I seem to remember adding one of the security patches. I found a couple php doc headers that said "3.0.3" but my VB version in the control panel said 3.0.8, and that's what it upgraded from. Any chance at all that i need to instead upgrade from 3.0.3?

    I also tried a clean install of VBulletin and pointed it to the old database... and still had the monkey plague. So my assumption is that it's something in the DB.

    Anyone, any ideas, pleeeeeeease? I'm at the end of my rope on this one.

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    roflmao, thats the funniest error I've ever seen. Please take a screen shot for prosperity!!

    You may want to try a vb to vb import if you think its hack related, this should clean up your db and your files for the most part I think.

    I assume you created a new unedited default style and tried that out? Have you checked to see if theres any wierd smilie or bbcode or style variable doing this?
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      Yeah, I wasn't laughing last night. Now that it's only on the test forum, it's much funnier.

      Not familiar with a VB to VB import... would that be creating a new site/DB and moving over the important stuff to the new DB?

      I didn't create a new unedited default style but I did revert it, and checked template changes and there were none for the default.

      The style variables are a good idea, assuming I can figure out where to look for those.

      Thanks for your help.... for you, a gift from me... one million monkeys! No, i insist... I have plenty more.


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        LOL!! Thats okay, 2 cats are plenty enough as it is.

        I never did a vb to vb import, but its just 1 db to antoher db iirc - check the for more info about it.
        Plan, Do, Check, Act!


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          Have you tried deleting the monkey smilie all together from the Smilie section in your ACP?
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            Tried that, just put failed image calls between each letter.

            I did a search of my DB and found one instance of the monkey in there, inside the "datastore" table, in a field called "smiliecache."

            Anyone know if I can empty that cache? And the best way to do it?

            Edit: since it was on a test DB, I went ahead and attempted to empty the smiliecache in datastore.

            I now have this, which I consider progress:

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              I've seen this error somewhere else before, but I couldn't find the thread in the staff forums anymore ..


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                Thanks Floris, please let me know if you can remember anything.

                I do think I've made some progress. It looks like there were two smilies, both monkeys, with no label (ie :word: ) in the smilie manager. Once I deleted the first and emptied the smilie cache, I noticed the second and deleted it from the smilie manager but the GIF is still getting pulled and placed between every letter.

                EDIT: Woohoo! I wnet and dumped the smilie cache again, and now it seems to be working! No more monkeys, or any other smilie!


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                  Originally posted by tstaut
                  EDIT: Woohoo! I wnet and dumped the smilie cache again, and now it seems to be working! No more monkeys, or any other smilie!
                  Good to hear. But now you've discovered a good thing to have some fun with on April 1st.
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                    That's certainly looking on the bright side....


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                      Yep, found the discussion and that's the fix. Matter resolved. Delete the wrong smilie, cache and rebuild it.


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