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Members getting logged out.

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    I uploaded the Php files again. And so far I have not experienced the problem again. The users on the other hand still are.


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      disable ajax seem to help out with the problem


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        I'm having the problem on my site with a large batch of users since upgrading. We are not running any hacks and have a simple tweak to postbit to not display post count under the members name in the post. All else is vanilla.


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          Please read post #57 in this thread.
          Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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            problem solved

            Originally posted by Steve Machol
            Please read post #57 in this thread.
            I had problems with just a few members on my 3.5.3 system and these were cured by:

            1. altering the navbar template to make sure Remember Me was ticked by default

            2. Asking users to delete cookies and log in afterwards

            Turns out that these two steps cured their problems (one of the users admitted that he thought the Remember Me box just remembered his password and was not aware that it kept him logged in past the temporary cookie timeout period).


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              Originally posted by coinwash
              All I want is a fix how to STOP it please and I will pass it on to my host. Everyone is blaming everyone else and all I want and the others is a FIX "please"

              This is a BIG problem and is making members very mad.

              This is not the blame game but a have to fix problem.

              We need a fix Please not who's right and who's wrong.

              This is making the board look real bad

              Thank you for your time...
              NUTS we rebuilt the templates for the last few days and it did not work???

              this is costing me TIME and MONEY!!!!

              If I was the only one then maybe I could swallow it.

              hours of work and not working????

              not a happy customer here Sir not at all

              We changed nothing(except rebuild the template) for all this time the only thing we did was your updates
              everything was working GREAT!!!
              I have better thing to do then to have a heart attack over my business.
              this isn't right...

              I think this all goes back to the "REMEBER ME" problem.
              That's when all this began

              GO to Search and drop in "Staying logged in" gee wezzzzzzzzzz check this problem out
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                it only happens in Internet Explorer it comes to a cookie limit issue. The issue seems to be caused by a combination of vBulletin and phpAds both trying to write cookies. to the browser. vBulletin writes 5 cookies: bbuserid, bbpassword, bblastactivity, bblastvisit, bbsessionid. It used to write a sixth for read post tracking but I turned that off for you. The five remaining cookies are needed by the system. If bbuserid or bbpassword is missing from the user's machine they will be logged out.

                At this point, simplifying the cookies on your site seems to be the only option. This can be done by creating sub-domains (i.e. or and trying to separate the cookies or if phpAds has an option to use a single cookie instead of a cookie for each adblock.

                The people who made it would be the ones who would be able to answer that. I am completely unfamiliar with the current version of phpAds and have not used it for over 3 years, otherwise I could make recommendations.

                If you want, I can look into this further next week. However asking the guys that made phpAds might help faster. I will be out of town for the weekend.

                All the best,
                vBulletin Sales and Support
                Is anyone else using phpAds having the same problem.

                Everyone one is blaming everyone and ALL I want is a FIX????

                Oh yes yes did the sub domain-nada did not solve problem
                Thank you
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                  Originally posted by coinwash
                  Is anyone else using phpAds having the same problem.

                  Everyone one is blaming everyone and ALL I want is a FIX????

                  Oh yes yes did the sub domain-nada did not solve problem
                  Thank you
                  I am using phpadsnew
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                    your joking RRRRRight or you just didn't read the posts????

                    are you using phpAd New????

                    not only PhP which you answered.


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                      Opps I hit enter too soon.

                      Yes I am using phpadsnew


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                        I am having the same issues......

                        running 3.5.1 (plus ibProArcade v2.5.3+)


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                          I'm still getting it on a group of members, but not running phpads or any other addidtional software. Just vanilla 3.5.3 with one plugin I installed last night. Logout issue has been happening since the upgrade weeks ago.


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                            Are you 100% positive your cookies are corrupted? Have you cleared your cookies, ensured that the settings are correct?


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                              The directions given to my users are to
                              • Clear all cookies,
                              • delete all cache files
                              • add our website to the trusted sites and set IE to accept all cookies from the site
                              • log in and check the Remember me box.

                              Still happens.. Not all the time.. they can be going along fine for days, and then they start getting logged out.. it has happended to me as the admin finally.. i started getting bounced and cleared the cookies, restarted IE and was ok for a while.. couple days later, starts happening again.


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                                What about yourself?

                                Do you have any ads, google, or otherwise? Are you having this problem with the stock version of vBulletin along with the stock templates. Hacks and addons can cause these problems

                                I've not had a sinlge issue with my sites, nor any sites on my server, nor most sites that I help with.


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