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  • MPS
    Is there a guide for this anywhere ?

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  • MPS
    Thanks ProperMethodz, I appreciate the help , but it's all to confusing for me .

    This is what I did;

    Made a new user group "Members" .
    Made a new promotion (in Registered Users) and set it up like this;
    • Posts - 25
    • Promotion Strategy - Posts
    • Promotion Type - Primary Usergroup
    • Move User to Usergroup - "Members"
    Edited my Registered Users group not to be able to pm.

    Now Registered Users can't pm and none of my users (posts above 25) have moved to the new user group "Members"

    Very confusing !

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  • ProperMethodz
    This is how I'd do it... There may be an easier way... I'm kind of a n00b, but figured I'd help.

    In your adminCP create a new usergroup. Call it "Members" This will be the second user group you'll be promoting your members into.
    • AdminCP >Usergroups> Add New Usergroup
    • Scroll to bottom... Base usergroup permissions on: "Registered"
    • Correct any other things you want, then save with a usergroup name as well. Maybe "Regular Users"

    2. Edit promotions
    • AdminCP > Usergroups> Promotions
    • 'Add New Promotion'
    • Posts 25 and any other options you wish to check.
    • Select usergroup you wish to promote (Registered), then select usergroup you want to promote to (Regular Users)

    Change the permissions on your Registered Users.
    • AdminCP > Usergroups> Usergroup Manager
    • Edit the "Registered" usergroup to limit the abilities which it's capable of doing... Private Messeging, access masks and other options are available here.

    I hope this helps.

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  • MPS
    started a topic User Promotion ?

    User Promotion ?

    I have a user group "Registered Users" with 714 members, these members go into this group when they join. I want to set up that group to go into a 2nd "Registered Users" group when they have 25+ posts. I want the first "Registered Users" group not to be able to pm until they have 25+ posts and be moved to the 2nd "Registered Users" group.

    How do I do this ?

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