Hey guys i wanted to ask is something reguarding plugins.Ok first thing is first.With the help of some guys at vB.com Forums i made two plugins.These plugins are used to call custom tamplates i created into certain current templates.I used the Hook "parse_templates" and the code
PHP Code:
eval('$mainbody_begin = "' fetch_template('mainbody_begin') . '";'); 
This works perfectly fine except it only seems to work if you are logged in at the forum.If you are viewing it as a guest it doesnt work.So my question is is there a setting i'm missing to make it work for guests as well as members?
The main reason i did it this way was to solve the issue of me having to hard code my stuff into many of the vb templates using the plugin system makes it a snap.Any help would be appreciated

Also reason i posted this here is because here is where i was told how to make this plugin.