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eva2000's Upgrade method

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  • eva2000's Upgrade method

    Thought I'd share a near fool proof method of doing vB upgrades.

    The way I do all my upgrades are as follows:

    Background reading:
    - read

    1. close forum

    2. backup forum using mysqldump via telnet/ssh
    - do not use vB admincp or phpmyadmin to backup forum database as it can timeout resulting in an incomplete backup
    - if you don't have ssh telnet access, ask web host to either temporarily enable ssh telnet access for you or for web host to create the backup for you via mysqldump ( you can point web host to this post if they ask why you need ssh telnet/mysqldump use)
    - read this first as a guide
    - then read vB docs at

    3. create new empty database
    - read

    4. import backup into new empty database - this serves also to check the backup is properly dumped out

    5. create a new temp directory on your forum site and then upload latest upgrade vB php files in the downloaded vB zip file (upload folder contents) to this temp directory. Upload all the vBulletin files except the images/ folder and to temp directory. Make sure you upload these files in ASCII format


    live forum at

    new temp directory at

    Removing hacks: It's at this stage if you have hacks on your database, you can remove them from this test duplicate copy of your database you just created in step 3 - which has your imported back up sql file from step 4. This leaves all hacks and php edits intact on your live original database untouched. All you are doing is removing hacks and php edits from a copy of your original database

    Attachments in filesystem: At this stage if you also have attachments in your file system, ensure you copy them to the new /forum2 location as well.

    6. edit upgrade file's config.php in new temp directory's /includes/config.php folder and point the databasename to the new empty databasename you created in step 3. and which now holds a identical copy of your existing database vb version (which you made in step 4)

    7. browse to and enter your customer number

    8. follow the directions of the installer script, and when done delete install.php. At this stage you would have upgraded your duplicate test forum database to latest vB version altering the duplicate copy of your database made in step 3. The original live database is untouched still with the older vB version.

    9. once completed rename the existing vB's directory and rename the temp directory to the old directory name i.e. if is existing directory and is temp directory rename /forum to /forumold and rename /forum2 to /forum. While you have both live and temp directory on server, you can move your custom images on live /forumold over to the temp directory /forum2

    1. This way original database is never even touched at all and you can do step 3 through to 9 again above if for any reason your upgrade messes up or has problems

    2. Also helps as you can use your older forum install now at /forumold to log into and reference customised templates to recustomise your new upgraded install at /forum

    If you have problems or questions on upgrading this way, please start a new thread in this forum
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    :: Always Back Up Forum Database + Attachments BEFORE upgrading !
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    Gotten a few pms about if the live existing vB forums is on root directory of domain how to do upgrade. It's basically the same as above except with a bit of change:

    my own vB forums are in root too and here's how i did it

    1. backup root directory i.e. if root is /home/usr/public_html

    cp -R /home/usr/public_html /home/usr/public_htmlbakup

    2. upload vB 3.0.10 files to /home/usr/public_html/forum2
    3. do upgrade from /forum2/install/upgrade.php
    4. copy /forum2 to above web root temporarily

    cp -R /home/usr/public_html/forum2 /home/usr

    5. delete contents in /home/usr/public_html (it's already backed up at /home/usr/public_htmlbakup )

    rm -rf /home/usr/public_html/*

    6. move upgraded files to web root

    cp -R /home/usr/forum2/* /home/usr/public_html

    7. then move any custom directories and images or files from backup /home/usr/public_htmlbackup directory to /home/usr/public_html
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    :: Always Back Up Forum Database + Attachments BEFORE upgrading !
    :: Nginx SPDY SSL - World Flags Demo [video results]
    :: vBulletin hacked forums: Clean Up Guide for VPS/Dedicated hosting users [ blog summary ]


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